Mona Lisa Is Getting a VR Makeover

The World Famous Portrait of Mona Lisa Is Getting a VR Makeover after 500 Years of Death of the Artist….

Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest creation Mona Lisa is famous for its iconic smile. Keeping the world-famous smile intact this masterpiece is going to get a virtual makeover from the Louvre. Louvre and its production partners are refining a virtual reality tour of the popular portrait. The three-dimensional views of the portrait look out yonder pushing crowds and the unbreakable display case.

Last week the original oil painting of Mona Lisa was brought to Skylit Salle des Etats. In the summer months when Salle des Etats was under renovation, Monalisa was passed to the Galerie Medicis. The consequence was a little jostling, a huge crowd gathered due to limited space. The visitors became disappointed and whined about the barriers which positioned them about 15 feet from the painting.

As a remedy of avoiding the crowds, the idea of virtual reality tour has been taken. The VR tour will take place in a small-scaled gallery room nearby the actual Leonardo exhibition and aside from the original portrait of Monalisa.

The gallery, in which the virtual reality experience is approached, is furnished with 15 headset stations and the tour will be of 7 minutes. This digital experiment is proposed to widen the appeal of Louvre. In September, France’s cultural minister Franck Riester revealed a project to evolve ‘micro-follies’ or digital museums. Over the succeeding three years in suburban and rural locations including libraries, cinemas, social centres etc.

France intended to invest tons of money to show cast several masterworks including the Louvre’s Mona Lisa tour. Spectators from different parts of the world fly to the virtual land of Leonardo to take a glance of the masterpiece. For narrating the virtual tour of the world-famous painting of Mona Lisa the curators of the exhibition have researched well about the historical information regarding the visual details of the picture, its lingering smile and her environmental surroundings.

They have narrated every detailed-information about the painting- from its beautiful velvet dress to the gentle curl of her locks even the clay tiles of Florence in the 16th century.

Whereas other major museums throughout the world that were pre-experimenting with VR are pushed forward. Earlier of the following year, the famous museum in Paris, the Musee de Orangerie experimented a virtual reality tour from the inspiration of Monet’s Water Lily series, amazed the viewers. It made the spectators feel the artist’s virtual pool in the Giverny garden via animated summer days and snowfall.

The positive reaction of the viewer’s influenced the Louvre officials. Apart from the young generation many aged people too loved the technology and enjoyed the virtual reality experience heartily. The main motto of Louvre is that the original content will remain untouched with the never-ending public demand; VR reality will never replace it.

HTC Vive Arts that synchronized the construction of the Monet tour alongside a VR platform at the Tate Modern in London is offering its service for the development of the Mona Lisa project of Louvre.