Google Bids Goodbye to the VR Experience in Daydream

Here is shocking news for all the smartphone users. Google affirmed that the upcoming Google Pixel 4 smartphones will not have the facility of the Daydream Virtual reality, and they will even stop selling the Daydream View headset.

In May, when Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL launched, they were shipped without the Daydream platform. However, the users mistook it as a technical issue. However, it spread over news later, in the month of June Google detached the Google Play Movies & TV app from Daydream VR platform. Those who have the hardware that supports the Daydream platform, it still may work for a while but the period is limited.

As a cause showing, one of a Google spokesperson highlights the fact that some limitations are restricting the smartphone VR from being practical. Moreover, people connecting their phone with a headset and losing interaction with the mobile apps that they use all day long creates tremendous friction.

So, sad to say it is likely a dying end of Google Daydream along with the Pixel 4 smartphone. The platform of Daydream was launched along with the original Pixel phone. Following it several other smartphone manufacturers supported it in the succeeding years. The trend of Daydream adopted by the other manufacturers seemed to work slowly. And, notably this year no new smartphone holds up this platform. Even, the Google Pixel that primarily launched the platform denied it in Pixel 3a which came in the market earlier that following year.

But, the soothing fact for the users is- aside from Google pixel, the concept of Daydream is not fading away. All other major tech companies are making their tons of investment into the enlarged reality tech and most into that of mobile-based. For example, the most popular company Apple is supporting the VR by putting a lot of responsibility into Arkit.

As reported by this website – It is a self formulator tool to implement a more increased realistic experience on the iPhone. This version in Google is called ARCore; these AR facilities entail of using of the phones, like Wayfair’s app which offers the users to take a glance at how grand the interior decoration of your house would look with its furniture.

These days, the topmost experience of Virtual reality mostly involve via connecting a headset to high-quality computers for enjoying a high graphic game or mildly low-power games on headsets like Oculus Go. The way companies like Oculus have hit the conventional, Virtual Reality Headsets lacks from it. But, in certain functions such as for immersive gaming, you can get a few great apps regarding the requirements.

Now the users have to wait for a miracle when Google undergoes a new attempt on the platform of the virtual reality sooner or later. This company is well known for different experiments; it kills platforms and apps and tries to re-module it again at some unspecified time in future. So, the wait is now whether Google welcomes back the experience of Virtual Reality or bids it goodbye forever.